Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp
Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp
Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp
Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp

Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp

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Handyclamp- A Woodworkers Must-Have For An Easier Workflow

No more unreliable flimsy hands struggling to keep your stuff in place. Introducing to you the Handyclamp, a better more sturdy hand to offer next time you're woodworking.

Uniquely created to help align workpieces into that perfect 90-degree angle without any damage to the surface or leaving imprints. Making it much easier for you to drill away without having to hold it in place all at the same time.

Heat-treated durable steel construction for high durability and longevity. To help you get any woodworking job without worry about it falling out of place or breaking on you.

Equipped with an easy quick adjustment handle for easy adjustments. Which means no matter how thick the wood is we've got you covered.

We can't tell you just how amazing this product is because it's something you're going to have to experience first hand. With Handyclamp you not only get the convenience you also get to save money from the constant do-overs and unreliable partner holding your pieces.


Keeps Things In Place- Which means you never have to worry about your clumsy friend holding onto it and not paying attention and potentially ruining the entire job. This bad boy keeps everything in place so you can finish the job quick and one less argument with a friend.

Drilling Slots- Making it easy to operate even when it's holding the wood in place. killing two birds in one stone and allowing you to finish the job in record time.

Fully Adjustable- Zero's in and clamps on any surface regardless of the thickness. Whether it's a 1 4/4 or a 2 8/4 we've got you covered.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.









Material: 420 stainless steel + aluminum alloy + iron + plastic
Application: change G clip fast splint/box for woodworking
Size: 235 * 135 * 110 mm/9.25*5.31*4.33 inches
Weight: 580 g




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Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp


as described, great product so far but time will tell


Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp


Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp


Handyclamp- Adjustable Corner Clamp