5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver
5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver

5-in-1 Instant Head Shaver

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Get that powerful bald look without messing with shaving cream or constantly buying expensive replacement razor cartridges. You'll also never have to deal with razor burn or risk of slicing your scalp ever again. 

Shaving Your Head Doesn't Have To Take Up Your Entire Morning.

Tired of choosing between being late for work or getting a decent shave? This Head Shaver lets you do it in just 60 seconds.  Experience a close and safe shave thanks to our precision razor heads.

Designed For Maximum Comfort.

Our 5 stainless steel razor heads will flex and contour to the shape of your skull or face.  Ergonomic design makes it so intuitive to use, you won't even need a mirror.

Tired of The Morning Mess? 

The head shaver has an inner storage compartment for shaved hair.  After your done shaving, just empty the collected hair into a trash can.  No more cleaning up shaving cream every morning.

Waterproof And Cordless Letting You Shave While You Shower.

Get A Complete Men's Grooming Kit For The Price of 1 Head Shaver.

  • Scalp Polishing & Exfoliation Brush
  • Nose Hair Trimmer.
  • Facial Massage Brush.
  • Pop-up Detailed Beard Trimmer.
  • Hair Clipper With 3 Guards.

Stop Paying Monthly For New Expensive Razor Cartridges.  

The cost of cartridge razor blades are only going up with time, but their quality stays the same. Our Head Shaver uses self sharpening razor heads that are built to last, unlike flimsy razors. 

Why You'll Love This

  • Look your best everyday, without compensating your time.
  • Waterproof cordless shaving, shave in the shower or on your way to work.
  • Wet & Dry shave approved.
  • Save money every month, No more constantly replacing expensive razors.  


Our Guarantee

  • We truly offer the most stunning, trendy highest-quality products in the world.
  • We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risks.
  • We make sure that every customer is 100% satisfied in every aspect!
  • If you are not satisfied with receiving the goods, you can apply for a refund.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I recently decided to go for the bald look, and needed something to easily shave my head. Regular razors and my straight line electric razor weren't cutting it. Looked for something with floating heads that could do the trick. Came across this product. Was a bit reluctant at first, as it were so many other competing products that look just like it. However, based on some positive reviews, I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. It has worked incredibly well at shaving my head and also face nice and clean. It seems a bit flimsy in hand, but oddly enough, if you apply enough pressure and go over the surface repeatedly in a circular motion, it does a great job. Very pleased with the results and have recommended it to many friends. If you are someone who is wanting a rotary razor to keep their head shaved clean and not spend a fortune on it, this is a great device to do so. Easy to clean and dry as well. Haven't tried the other attachments, as I already have other devices that do the same thing, but look forward to trying those out as well when the time comes. In the meantime, this does a great job of shaving my head and making it easy to maintain the full shaved head look. My major concern is that it may not live for more than one year. And I don't know where to get replacement shaving heads at, or if they're even available with this particular product. Hope the manufacturer offers information how to get a replacement shaving head as needed. Again, worth buying.


I wish I had this years ago. It works great, super close, comfortable and fast. Love it!


This head shaver is seriously the best! It’s small, compact shape makes it easy to hold. This allows you to get a nice close shave every time. The way the four sections open allows for quick and easy cleaning, meaning even in the mornings before work a quick shave is not an issue. The touch up shaver is great for those pesky neck hairs too! All around a fantastic purchase!


I bought this razor to replace my Bald Eagle that I purchased about four years ago. I believe that the Bald Eagle has been replaced by the Pit Bull razor, which I have not used so this is mostly a comparison between this razor and the old Bald Eagle, which I used daily to shave my head. The Bald Eagle was great but had one major flaw. I could never figure out how to clean it without putting too much undue stress on the tabs that kept the razor heads in. This inevitably led to them breaking and me having to purchase a new razor too soon. This 5 in 1 razor not only has a clever hinge mechanism that allows you to open up these razor heads and clean them out but also shaves much closer than my Bald Eagle! The main reason that I decided to get a new razor was that the battery on my Bald Eagle finally died and I wanted to branch out and try something new. While I can't compare battery performance yet the rest of the features either meet or exceed those of the Bald Eagle and it comes with many add'l accessories and at half the price! Given these I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a way to shave their head frequently.


I bought this to shave my head. I'm actually really impressed with it, much more than I thought I'd be!

- The way the blades are angled, and the fact that there are 5 separate blades, make it extremely effective at shaving the head, way faster and easier than with a standard razor.
- I found it works great for my face as well, not quite as good as my higher-priced Phillips, but not bad at all for the price.
- Motor is strong
- Peripheral attachments are actually not bad, I especially like the face brush. If you don't have things like a nose or beard trimmer, these are nice value adds.
- It does come with its own wall charger as well as the USB cable.

Some minor downsides:
- The charge time is indeed 5 hours after only 45 minutes of use. I basically leave it charging most of the time when I'm not using it so it's ready to go in the mornings. Not too big of a deal, but something to be aware of.
- It doesn't come with a case of its own. With all the accessories, it's actually a little annoying.
- It's a little loud, most noticeable when using the ear trimmer.

Overall though, the cons don't make me dissatisfied at all.